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The Problem:

How do you find a Good Hospital? How do you avoid a Bad Hospital? These are questions many have, and the answer is usually more complicated than anyone wants to hear. The truth is – there is no perfect hospital, but some are definitely better than others. Unfortunately, when it comes to evaluating hospitals, you are easily overwhelmed with opinions and marketing. And if you are lucky enough to find information, it is often presented in a way that is unreadable, which can be worse than not finding it at all.

What We Are :

We know there is a lot of public data available about hospitals. Is there too much or perhaps not enough information available? Exactly. We have created a site where a patient or caregiver can find and review data and make better choices about healthcare. Right now there are millions of “reviews” on several different platforms for healthcare. These are important, but they are opinions. Facts are in short supply. Our site aims to provide fast, easy to understand, and reliable information for everyone.

What We Are Not :

We do not provide scores or awards to hospitals. We do not evaluate hospital facilities ourselves. We gather as much relevant and public information as is possible and then verify its validity. Then, we translate it into more common terms and concepts to help everyone understand the meaning quickly and easily. As an organization, our opinions play no factor into what is presented on this website. We realize you need to focus on what is important to your needs in getting the help you need. There is much information that is irrelevant to the average person but can be presented in ways that are virtually impossible to understand. Perhaps you might just need to know more about heart or hip replacement surgery and the institution you are considering. We support patient transparency and believe this helps lead to successful outcomes. All data comes from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, National Institute of Health, Center for Disease Control, and State Governments. For more information on these sources see our Terms of Services page.

Why did we do this?

Because it matters. Immensely. The hospital you visit is just as important as the doctor you see. We know people that work in healthcare and still didn’t know where to find this information. More importantly, they didn’t have the time to look at all of the different sources and evaluate what is important to them. This is personal for us. We have friends and family members who ask us these questions all the time. These are people we know, love, and care deeply about. We know that many don’t have easy access or the knowledge to find this information. We believe this site is worth it for even one patient having a better outcome.


Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide as much Hospital information in one place that everyone can understand. Healthcare is forever changing, and we will continue to evolve as needed. We will add information as it becomes available from sources we can verify and that our users can trust.


Our Mission:

We strive to make Hospital information transparent, helpful, and in a single location while presenting it in an easy-to-understand way that an average person can understand.


Our Values:

We value accurate data from trusted and verifiable sources. We believe better data leads to better decisions. Our family and friends are using this site, which is why we will continue to improve this as a resource for patients and their advocates.

Work in Progress:

There are multiple sources for evaluating Hospital performance. We are consistently evaluating and adding new and relevant information. The best way to stay informed is to sign up for our newsletter. As we get new information we will keep you in the know.

Why a Panda? (We are glad you asked.)

The Panda has a special meaning for our organization. It is a unique and distinct animal, as well as a rare creature. As we work to create a better platform the panda inspires us to know just Okay is not “Okay.” Just like it is not Okay to go to an Okay facility when a better one might be just down the road. Pandas stand out, and we want good hospitals to do the same.

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