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Do you know who owns your doctor?

Do you know who owns your doctor?

Have you ever considered this?  Not sure? Consider this statistic:  About 7 out of 10 doctors in the United States since 2020, are employed by a hospital, system, or corporation.  The hospital or system often dictate the standards they keep, the staffing levels, the types of procedures available, medications likely to be prescribed, and penalties for poor performance.  Before you get too bothered or upset by this proposition, understand this isn’t necessarily good or bad, it just is the new reality of healthcare. 

Why should you care?  Because good quality hospitals foster an environment for good quality physicians. Unfortunately, the opposite is often true as well. This follows a quote: “What is permitted is promoted.”  Subpar hospitals can create an environment which either attracts subpar doctors, or inhibits good doctors to be their best.  Neither of which are good for patient care.

Do you know the hospital your doctor works with or for?  It has never been easier or more important to find out. allows you to see the facts about a hospital as they are verified and available.  The focus is centered around public data from trusted sources.  Just as importantly, you need to see it quickly and in an understandable way that is not wrapped in medical jargon.  If the hospital’s score is good, it is color coded so you can instantly see what you need to. 

Do we show every data element available? No.  The key to guaranteed failure is to try and please everyone. takes the top five categories that impact the greatest number of patients possible to provide for a quick and effective overview of that facility.  There are star ratings at top of each facility landing page that provides for patient experience and the overall rating. 

Why do this?  We are doing this because we are passionate, even fanatical about good healthcare.  We do not have $500 million dollars to build the perfect website.  What do we have?  A combined 30+ years of healthcare industry experience in one of, if not the most competitive healthcare markets in the nation. The Dallas Fort Worth area is often referred to as the incubation hub for innovation in healthcare models, systems, and structures.  Also, we know determining if a facility is worthwhile is quite challenging, to impossible for most.  We wanted to fix this. 

We have a good idea of what patients are asking for, even when they don’t know the right questions to ask.  We knew we could create a website that would have enough value and important information to start the process of making healthcare more transparent and digestible for the masses.  Educated patients ask better questions.  You are already a better patient for reading this article.  You have learned to ask your doctor, “are you employed directly or indirectly by a hospital or system?” Most will tell you.  Better yet, you can usually research that online prior to ever making an appointment. 

Some doctors are so proud of the hospitals they work with they will have stations/displays in their office that will take you directly to the outstanding scores so you can see for yourself. 

If they don’t, you can always go to and see for yourself.  After all, no one is going to care as much about your healthcare as you and your loved ones do.  

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Do you know who owns your doctor?

Have you ever considered this? Not sure? Consider 7 out of 10 doctors in the United States since 2020, are employed by a hospital, system, or corporation.

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