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Do you know your Hospital?

Do you know your Hospital?

“They were the perfect couple…” This is almost required for every true crime show involving a couple.  Most of these shows involve testimonial after testimonial of people saying, “In a hundred years I never thought ______ would be involved in ________.”  We are told not to judge a book by its cover, but as soon as we walk into the bookstore, we only pick up the books with covers that grab our attention.  If you are nodding your head right now, it’s ok.  It is how we are wired.  We have to make decisions quickly and often with limited information.  Do you always get adequate time to do all the research you need or want into a product? Not usually.  Time often does not allow us that luxury
So how do we make decisions?  We do the best we can with the information we can get easily, we believe is the most reliable, and has given us the best results in the past.  It is why we are far more likely to trust a close friend’s opinion on books, movies, or music over all the advertising in the world.

At we have been that trusted friend for healthcare for our friends and family for many years.  But when you work in healthcare, and network with people in healthcare all year long, you know what is really going on.  You know how to find the good in healthcare at most levels. 

How did I find a good OBGYN for my wife? I asked all of the NICU nurses I knew at a hospital I trusted who their OBGYN was.  For most of them it was the same person.  I knew we had found our doctor, and after great difficulties and much joy and tears, I can confirm we absolutely made the right decision.

When the fiasco was going on that became the source material for the Dr. Death podcasts and video series, we knew about it as it was happening.  This knowledge allowed us to steer friends and family to avoid the train wreck. 

Unfortunately, most people don’t have access to the network we do.  On top of that, doctors are spending more time per patient documenting and meeting new billing and government reporting requirements, and less time working with the patient and on the patient’s options.  In addition, they are doing all of this for less money than they were making 15 years ago.  That means they have fewer resources to help at the office, while trying to take care of administration and compliance issues.  It all comes down to this simple fact: your doctor does not have the time and resources to do the same amount work done 15 years ago.

The second aspect you need to know is as of end of 2020, 70% of physicians were employed by a hospital or corporation. If a doctor is employed by a hospital, they may or may not have the ability to refer you to another facility or group, even if it is in your best interest. Phrases like “continuity of care,” and “system preference” are catch phrases that really mean, “these are the options I have available,” for your doctor. Their hospital may or may not be the best hospital for you, therefore the phrase “trust but verify” is a must. 

How do you verify?  How do you see through the opinions and marketing to something of substance that you can make care decisions based on? The answer is:   No opinions, just quick information, color coded and 5-star reviews/scores so you can see in seconds what could impact you, your family, and your friends for a lifetime.  Never in the history of healthcare has this information been more available, or more important.  We do what we do at for the same reason you will use the site.  Because it makes a difference.  

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Do you know your Hospital?

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