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National Averages and Measures


A list of different infections along with infection related conditions being measured at each reporting hospital.

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Patient Experience

The combined scores of all the measured hospitals to show the national scores for patient surveys.

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Death & Complication

A breakdown for each category of the number of hospitals who scored below average, at average, or above average in the nation.

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A high level view of the number of hospitals who have patients returning for additional care.

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Speed of Care

A list of the situations being measured, and the associated speed of those measures.

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Good Hospital Bad Hospital?

An easy way to find out the public scores for a hospital.

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Do you know your Hospital?

“They were the perfect couple…”

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Do you know who owns your doctor?

Have you ever considered this? Not sure? Consider 7 out of 10 doctors in the United States since 2020, are employed by a hospital, system, or corporation.

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